Edinburgh 2019

After my ABSOLUTELY LAST TIME last year, I’ve decided to head back again to Edinburgh this year for what will be CERTAINLY MY DEFINITE LAST EDINBURGH SHOW probably. It’s called The Ocean After All, and dead set, I can’t wait to show you. There’s a link to it here.

Melbourne 2019

So before I take this nice tidy finished show to Edinburgh, I will be doing some scrappy work in progress shows on the last three Fridays of June, at Tinning Street Studios in Melbourne. These shows will be wobbly, patchy, and hopefully at times quite interesting. Doesn’t sound great, maybe it it won’t be. It will however come with the chance to see Stuart Bowden play some mind-blowingly beautiful songs. That’s right, friend, it’s a double bill. And it’s free. Not bad at all now that I think about it. Info for these gigs is here.