Fringe World Perth, 2018


The calendar is doing that thing again.  You know that thing that it does?  All the numbers are stacking up together to smother the year that we're living in.  They're going to kill it and there's nothing we can do.  It makes me nervous but I know we'll be OK.  It's OK.  I've seen the calendar  do this before and every time after the rush, after the panic, after the work do's and shopping malls and over-drafts, after all of that there is beach and cake and too many beers and a little spare time.   It's good.  Next year is always good.

Next year I am going back to Perth for the Fringe World Festival.  I'm bringing Kathryn and Conor and we are doing the way the city ate the stars.  I am really happy about this.  I hope you are too.  Here's a link to tickets and pull quotes and lots of logos, have a look if you like.  And have a bloody lovely end of the year, I'll see you on the other side.