Hi, I'm Wil.  I make storytelling shows and take them to towns that go for that sort of thing.  Sometimes I list them to feel as though I've used my time for something more than sleeping, although to be honest it seems a skinny sort of conceit.  Either way, I've made Either Side of EverythingThese Trees the Autumn Leaves Alone, The Way The City Ate The Stars, For the Ground that Grew me, Vincent Goes Splat, A Night to Dismember, of Dysentery and Madness: A Trapper's Tale, and The Lounge Room Confabulators.

I also write and make sketch-tragedy with YouTube weirdoes Something Nautical, and sometimes I do a spot of acting on the telly when people let me, although they really don't do that very often.

I'm on twitter @wilgreenway, I'm on facebook.com/wilgreenway, and once I was here - look, just down there, near some sheep, near some sunset, can you see me?