Hi there.  I hope you're going great.  I'm a pretty happy boy right now.  I'm making a show and making plans to take it for a trip.  Here's what my plans look like so far:


Either Side of Everything (work in progress)  Brunswick Mechanics Institute.  15th June, 6:45 PM.*

Either Side of Everything (work in progress) Brunswick Mechanics Institute.  23rd June, 7:30PM*


These Trees the Autumn Leaves Alone.  Soho Theatre, July 16 & 17, 9:00PM


Either Side of Everything (preview).  Comedy Café Berlin, July 26, 9:30PM


Either Side of Everything.  Underbelly Bristo Square, August 2 - 26, 2:50PM


*The two Melbourne dates are going to be fairly wobbly work in progress shows.  The first will be a double bill with Stuart Bowden.  These shows are free.  A hat might get passed around at the end but that’s as formal as it’ll get.  There’s no tickets or booking, just turn up before the start time if you're keen.